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Feels like coming home.

Or even better: You are in Vienna. In Hotel TOPAZZ; this house does not adumbrate its real size from the outside. Only the inner values count. Our commitment to the high standards of a design hotel raise the bar to high levels: starting from the equipment and comfort to the atmosphere, nobody’s willing to miss it anymore.

And now something to relax.

Spa? We do not have one. We have something better instead: for the ladies we offer a glass of champagne and for the gents a bottle of the best Molton Brown massage oil (the real one from England). Relaxing can be so easy. Especially, when the gentleman has strong hands.


When you feel at home already directly after having checked in, when your day starts well with the first view out of your window and when you have found your personal oasis in the heart of Vienna, then you really have arrived: in this jewel beyond any kind of convention, which feels better than home. In Hotel TOPAZZ. Made by Lenikus